Care to learn a few things about ways to keep your home environment free of contaminants? Check out these air duct tips

Air ducts are essential for optimal ventilation and for the proper work of various appliances in the house. The helpful tips shared below are related to the cleaning and upkeep of these important fixtures. Use all of them without hesitation to make your home cleaner, safer and more energy-efficient.

Learn to recognize the signs of hidden mold

When the mold is inside the air ducts or behind furniture and appliances set next to walls, there are ways to recognize it. A slight musty smell that is quite unpleasant is the most common sign, according to our professionals. Additionally, people in the house will sneeze and cough more often than normal without being ill.

Learn how to avoid mold growth

Mold grows in humid areas and so a top priority is preventing moisture contamination. This is usually achieved with regular air duct cleaning. Though, our experts explain that moisture is often caused by cracks at the duct walls. If there's damage, you should consider air duct repair.

Air duct cleaning is the solution for high levels of dust in the house

If your home gets dusty pretty often despite all windows being closed and you just cleaned everything, it is time to get the HVAC air ducts cleaned. When dust is accumulated inside, it also gets constantly pumped into the different rooms of the house and some of it remains on the surface. This causes great discomfort and poses a serious allergy risk.

Opt for a metal dryer duct to lower fire risk

Measure the room available and the distance from the dryer to the wall outlet to determine if you can fit a rigid metal duct or a semi-rigid one.

Keep fresh air in your home by having the HVAC system cleaned

Bringing in clean outdoor air is the fastest and easiest way to dilute contaminated air in your home. However, excessive outside pollution and very humid days can make opening your windows a problem. Your heating, ventilating and cooling system is designed to control the air temperature and humidity in your home. To keep it delivering high air quality all year long, it needs to be maintained and thoroughly cleaned by our professionals. Otherwise, your inside air will be no better, and probably worse, than the air outside.

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