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Our specialists in Oakland not only clean air ducts, but can also repair and replace them if needed.

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Our company is always available to provide professional duct replacement services. Our core specialty air duct cleaning, but when they are in poor condition the best option is the installation of new ones. We work with absolutely all types of duct works. Factors such as size, make and age are irrelevant to us. Rest assured that the job will be completed successfully in the shortest possible time.Duct Replacement in California

Professional Duct Replacement for a Better Home

Whether you have hired us for air duct cleaning or for the maintenance of the HVAC system, the work will begin with the inspection of the duct work. The technician will focus on the type and amount of dirt accumulated inside and on the condition of the surfaces. The inspection will determine the best course of action. If there is thick mold growth which has damaged the surface in many areas, replacement will be the best option. While several holes can be fixed with proper air duct seal repair, if there are many of them new ducts will be required.

Count on us to do all the work required as part of the replacement project. If there is a need for making additional improvements such as air filter replacement, this task will be done as well. The size of the existing duct work will be measured so that matching new components can be installed. The ducts will be carefully selected for ensuring that they are of the highest quality.

We, at "Air Duct Cleaning Oakland", will install strong components resistant to all kinds of damage. They will have optimal thermal resistance for maximizing energy efficiency as well. If there are several different options available, you will receive full consultation for selecting the right one for you. The old ducts will be removed carefully and the new ones will be installed securely and tightly. You do not have to worry about crevices that will require additional sealing later on. If mold has been an issue before, our installation service can include air duct sanitizing as well. The surfaces are treated with safe and potent products which will help to reduce the risk of microbial growth in the future.

When we are hired for dryer vents cleaning and identify extensively damaged or worn vent, it will be replaced promptly. The new component will be chosen to fit precisely and to have the highest possible durability. It will allow the exhaust system to work at its maximum capacity with regular cleaning.

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