Do you have air duct cleaning questions? Here you will find smart answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding ducts

Read the answers to frequently asked questions on air duct cleaning. The information is easy to grasp and extremely helpful as well. Use what you learn on this page to make better choices and take more effective actions for keeping your home and family safe. Get started now.

How often must we clean dryer vents?

It depends on how often you use the dryer. With most families using the dryer at least once or twice each week, our professionals suggest cleaning the dryer vents once a year. This should be enough, but if there are bad odors coming from the laundry room in the meantime or the clothes are coming out damp, clean your dryer ducts more regularly.

Can I clean the air ducts by myself?

Homeowners do not possess the special equipment required for reaching and cleaning all sections of the ductwork system. Common household tools cannot reach far enough and can cause serious damage to the walls of these components. This can also happen when the user does not have the required skills for the job.

How can I tell if my air ducts need to be cleaned?

Excessive dust on your furniture or a musty or stale odor can be signs your air ducts should be cleaned.

Can HVAC air filters trap all pollutants in the indoor air?

No, there is not a filter which can trap 100% of the particles that go through it. However, some are very close. Most HEPA filters are designed to capture 98% of particles. The problem with them is that they slow down the flow of air and cause the HVAC system to use more energy. Regular air duct cleaning can support the work of the filter and help to improve indoor air quality.

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